🌈Types of Spawn Conditions

S-Rank Elite Hunt marks in FFXIV have hidden conditions in order to spawn. These conditions often have similarities or follow certain patterns.

There are many types of spawn condition patterns that we've seen the FFXIV developers re-use. Here are a few (but not all) of them.

πŸ“ Landmine Spawns

"Landmine" means that you have to be located on the S-Rank's spawn location in order for your attempt to succeed.

You can know what the S-Rank's spawn location is via Mapping.

Requires Minion


  • You can stand and wait on the spawn point, and if the S-Rank is ready, it will appear as you are standing on it. You do not necessarily have to move around or leave right away.

  • It does not matter how high up you are flying above the spawn point.

  • If you are spawning an S-Rank within 11 levels of your combat jobs, changing to a gatherer job with Sneak on will prevent the S-Rank from aggroing you as soon as it spawns.

Moon Cycle


Mindflayer and Croakadile don't have windows of time that it will have a chance to spawn. Once the moon cycle condition is met, and someone is on the spawn point, it will spawn.

Death Spawns


Kill Spawns

Kill spawns require a certain quota of specific overworld mobs to be killed.


PuniMarker: Kill Tracker: This tool lets you easily locate and count mobs. It can be viewed on your phone or second monitor if you have one.


  • It is highly recommended to count your kills so that you know when your attempt has failed.

  • Since many of these are a time investment to attempt, it’s nice to let other spawners know that you failed so no one tries too soon after.

Treasure Map Spawns

These S-Ranks require a treasure map chest to be opened in their respective zone. Regardless of whether the hidden timer is ready, the spawn is a chance upon the chest being opened.


Teamcraft Treasure Map Finder: This website shows you the locations of your maps.

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