🎲Chance Spawns

Spawning S-Ranks Elite Hunt marks in FFXIV is always based on RNG. But some spawn conditions have more layers of RNG than others.

What are Chance S-Rank Spawns? What do people mean by "chance"?

There can be many layers of RNG to spawning. But some S-Ranks have more layers than others.

All S-Ranks, with the odd exception of Croakadile and Mindflayer, have a window of time in which they can spawn. Within that window of time, there is a hidden timer set on the server side. No one knows what the hidden timer is (except for post-maintenance links, explained later on); it can be at 0 minutes past the window opening, anywhere in the middle of the window, or even right at the cap of the window. Once this point has passed, the S-Rank can be spawned.

In some cases, that is what people refer to as the β€œchance,” since the hidden timer is randomly set. In other cases, the β€œchance” is referring to another layer of RNG…

Examples of Chance Spawns

Even if the hidden timer is ready, the chance of the S-Rank spawning upon attempting is still random. We know this because there have been instances of the window being capped and still having failed attempts. It is recommended that you do at least a few attempts at a time.

Examples of Guaranteed Spawns

If the hidden timer is ready and the spawn conditions are met, these are guaranteed to spawn.

Unconfirmed / Debated Whether Chance or Guaranteed

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